Lisa’s Bump | Maternity Photography Session

Picture of a beautiful pregnant lady laying on a bed with her hand on her stomach, wearing a grey spotty top.


I am SOOOOOO lucky to have such a beautiful friend with such a gorgeous bump for me to take pictures of!  Maternity photos are fast becoming one of my favourite things to do.  So much excitement, anticipation and so much beauty!

So here are a some pics from Lisa’s shoot, she was 36 weeks when we did this shoot and is definitely ready for babe to arrive!  She admits to having a pretty easy time of it when she’s pregnant but as this is her second baby it does make things slightly more challenging when you have a toddler to run around after (even if he is the sweetest little toddler you ever did see).  Luckily she has her hubby to save the day when she’s feeling a bit worn out and he takes over a bit more giving her the chance to rest, or ducks out to get her some scones with jam and cream because she REALLY NEEDED them!!

In case you were thinking about having a maternity shoot yourself here is a bit of advice from Lisa so you know a bit more about what to expect:

How was your experience during your session?
It was good thanks!  Nice and quite fun actually!

What advice would you give expecting mothers for the session?
Fake tan!  Not really, follow Louise’s advice as she knows what looks good and how to flatter your body.  Also – pick out a selection of clothes to wear as some work better than others in the photos.  Lastly, don’t feel self conscious!

Why did you choose the outfits you did for your shoot?
I wanted a few different looks so I chose clothes to fit my ideas.  I wanted a cosy every day look so used my dressing gown for that.  To show off my bump I wore some shorts that I could open at the top and a vest that I could roll up, I wore a black dress that is comfy but flattering.  I also wore a heart jumper as I think it looks cute.

Were you self conscious about anything before going into the shoot?
Louise made me feel pretty relaxed so I didn’t feel self conscious really, I was more worried about the result!  But I needn’t have worried as I LOVE them.  My friend thinks I look like a yummy mummy so I’ve got to be happy with that!

I’m so pleased she likes them, I would LOVE to hear what you think of them too!

Presenting….. Lisa!

Maternity Photographer Buttons Photography Blandford Dorset-4

Maternity Photographer Buttons Photography Blandford Dorset-9



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