A Day in The Life with the Langdown Family

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So I am in a bit of a weird place starting up this photography business of mine… I started out taking pictures of our every day life.  And then I learnt how to do it better.  And then people wanted me to start taking pictures for them.  Which was amazing because I LOVE to do it… but that has led me into more posed shoots, maternity, newborn etc and away from where I started out – documentary lifestyle.

I honestly think that one day a year, every family should get a photographer to come over for breakfast and not leave until the sun goes down.  Capture the moments, the tears, the tantrums, the smiles, the cuddles, and most of all – capture the every day stuff that is unremarkable in its “everydayness” but in 10 years time when you look back, these are the pictures that are really going to remind you of how life was then.  And it will remind you it was wonderful.

Here’s a snippet from the lovely Langdown’s day, the relationships between all of them, including the  pets, are just gorgeous and I hope that comes across in these photos… They start out when the family came home from a shopping trip to find their pup had emptied the contents of a bin bag across the garden, of course this was hilarious for me, but poor old Jake was clearly very ashamed of himself!  So Dad then set about clearing it up and us girls went to play…

I love them.  Hope you do too!

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